Applying for a loan quickly and without red tape without paperwork, is that possible? The desire not to drown in forms if possible can be declared generally binding. The flood of forms so popular in Germany is a thorn in the side of every citizen. The article provides information on credit options without a lot of paperwork. To read it, you do not need to fill out a form.

Credit without paperwork – permanent solutions

Credit without paperwork - permanent solutions

Everyone wants a loan without paperwork. However, some basic papers cannot be avoided. For example, proof of identity cannot be avoided. It is possible to fulfill this legal requirement in the branch or in the post-ID procedure. In addition, a credit agreement must always be made in writing. The legislator has also issued clear, indisputable rules for this. The third cornerstone that takes care of the paperwork is the legal information obligation. With online credit, for example, it is the right of withdrawal, according to § 312b distance contracts or the Credit Bureau declaration

With some credit options, such as the overdraft facility, the whole thing is only checked once when opening an account. Subsequent changes to the discount framework do not even require a visit to the branch if the creditworthiness is good. Nothing more needs to be signed. The person responsible for account management can increase the overdraft facility. If the income situation changes, the usual discounts can shrink again without much paperwork.

Outside the overdraft facility, only the credit line, for example for an effective annual interest rate of 6.70 percent from Copy Lender, offers similar paperless conditions. Once applied for and granted, a credit line can be used flexibly. Repayment is equally flexible. If the credit is not needed for a while, the account is at zero, then the contract is suspended. There are no costs. Interest only has to be paid on the amounts actually used.

Avoid paperwork for installment loans – creditworthiness is decisive

Avoid paperwork for installment loans - creditworthiness is decisive

The only way to really avoid paperwork is to prove your creditworthiness. Nothing is more annoying than rummaging for hours in long-drawn-out documents, just to be able to provide the desired proof of creditworthiness. One possibility to pull the claws of this paper tiger is the instant credit. An instant loan is always a small loan, which is decided in the simplified verification process. In addition to the legally required evidence, only a copy of the current pay slip must be enclosed.

Lending is checked almost exclusively using Credit Bureau’s creditworthiness data and the score. Both can be queried automatically and thus also defeats the paper tiger on the “other side of the desk”. With an instant loan, the clerk only checks once that all the necessary signatures have been made. In addition, there is a look at the proof of income, which shows whether the income actually corresponds to the information. This is the instant loan with good credit rating, the installment loan, which comes close to the desire for a loan without paperwork.

On a small scale, the bureaucratic effort is particularly spared. If you are only looking for a 30 day loan, you can find a quick loan solution without much paperwork via Best Bank. First-time customers can easily apply for up to USD 500. Again, only the legal requirements of the ID check have to be observed. Existing customers have the option of having up to 3000 USD available quickly. The portal even promises to pay out within 30 minutes of the loan being approved. Unfortunately, the quick service is not cheap. With 13.90 percent effective annual interest, the company receives the short-term loan.

Without a lot of paperwork despite poor credit rating

Without a lot of paperwork despite poor credit rating

With a poorer credit rating, only a few providers accept a loan without paperwork. Loans from private donors are an exception. The loan from private is not quite as fast as an ordinary credit bank, but it is easy to apply for it. The market leaders in serious contact offers between private investors and private borrowers are Spin Lender and Across Lender.

As with any serious loan, ID verification is inevitable for personal loans. However, you don’t have to expect much more paperwork. Everything that is legally possible is done on the Internet. The credit opportunities for a loan without paperwork, with a somewhat restricted credit rating, are not bad from a private perspective. In addition to the saved effort for comprehensive proof of creditworthiness, significantly lower interest rates can also attract private customers.

The fastest loan solution that offers a paperless loan with cash, right at the end. In the pawnshop it is sufficient to present the identity card once, all other paperwork is done with a signature on the contract.

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