Archive March 11, 2020

Transfer expensive loan

Do you want to transfer your expensive loan? Do you have a loan? Or multiple loans? And do you want to transfer this expensive loan? Then the loan providers are likely to line up to help you get rid of these expensive loans. But how can you actually borrow money cheaply? And what should you pay attention to if you

Bank offers credit for new teeth.

Due to the fact that new teeth are usually very expensive, many people do not need an urgent visit to the dentist. However, anyone who asks for more detailed information on this topic will quickly notice that there are certainly ways to finance implants, bridges or prostheses. In addition to taking out private dental supplementary

Home loan: why 2020 will be a good year

Unsurprisingly, mortgage rates have gone down again. The results of the Good Finance observatory study clearly show the arrival of first-time buyers on the market. At Good Credit, we note that around thirty banks have already lowered their rate scales, particularly for high-profile individuals. The year 2020 should be as good as 2019 if not

How to choose the right student loan?

The pursuit of secondary studies is increasingly crucial as 42% of an age group obtains a higher diploma, of which 15% a Masters level. Although registration fees remain more moderate in France than in other countries of the world, certain courses can prove to be extremely expensive. And this without counting accommodation, books, but also